IKGAI Trust is a Family Office and investment firm
that provides solutions in three investing spheres
Alternative investments, Real estate and Capital markets.

We provide comprehensive investment solutions and consulting in the domains of wealth management,
foreign investing, IRA, retirement and retirement taxation and inheritance, Israeli and international taxation, and more.

Every family we work with is unique, each with its own goals, aspirations, and preferences.
Therefore each financial planning process in which we engage is unique.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of families, gathering comprehensive knowledge, which alongside listening to your needs forms the foundation for our – and your – success.

At a financial crossroads?
That’s where we come in

We draft a plan based on goals that will put you on the path to growing your wealth, both private and corporate.
Our guidance focuses on all financial matters relevant to families

The opportunity
Alternative investments

An investment channel that belongs in every family's portfolio. Alternative investment dismantles the risk/opportunity dichotomy. Its volatility is very low compared to the capital markets, and its yields are comparatively high.

Alternative investments are a growing sector gathering momentum globally and in Israel, for three reasons:

  • For years, low interest rates mean that there is no longer good reason to invest in bonds. Accordingly, there is a need for alternative ways to distribute debt between family investment portfolios.
  • The capital markets are high risk and volatile, demanding diversification.
  • Many Israeli families have amassed significant wealth, building smart portfolios that include alternative investments in addition to real estate and stocks.
IKGAI’s Alternative Investment Division identifies the worthiest investments and conducts meticulous due diligence

opening the door for you
to opportunities that are ordinarily only available to qualified investors and wealthy fam.

We Pave Your Path to Growth

Yonit Bernstein

Economist and SW programmer.
Software and IT expert

Yoav Holzer

20 years experience in investments and entrepreneurship, financial planner specializing in families capital

Reuven Kaplan

Until recently Ceo of psagot investment firm, seasoned executive in various companies

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    3 Hayetzira st, Ramat Gan

    E-mail: Office@ikgai.com
    Tel: 052-2554406

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